Other Magic Props

Here you can find magic props at very reduced prices.

Some of these props are used it is saying otherwise.

Please read the description carefully.

Some of the props I do not know the name of or who the wanufacture is, and some I do not know what the effect is of the magic prop, some does not have any instructions.

If description  describes ”selling a lot” that means everything in the picture. (Shipping will be added)

The props comes from magicians and collectors that has asked me to sell them for them. 

If you do not like the price, let me know what you like to pay and I will ask the owner.

Descriptions for these items coming soon.

A beautiful oil painting originated in Norway 1978.

This is not a print but Oil on canvas.

Mounted in a Gold frame.

Size 14” X 16” 35cm X 40cm

$135.00  Plus shipping

Flipp-Flapp buy Magic Hands Germany.

This is a delightful magical apparatus named for the sound it makes in performance. Flipp-Flapp is first displayed as an empty square 6″ x 5″. In the blink of an eye, and a flip and a flap, it changes to a square tube 12″ high and 3″ on each side, from which you now produce up several silks. It is super easy to do and very effective.

Made by Magic Hands Germany.

                                                                    $45.00 Plus shipping


This magic prop is called "Gifted" Imported and sold by Hank Lee.

The three balls are placed one at the time in a paper bag, the shield is shown empty and placed in front of the ball stand.

The balls now vanish from the paper bag and when the shield is removed all three balls are back on the stand.

Thank you Gregory Reed for the information about this effect.

$29.00. Plus Shipping

will be adding books as we go, I have just got in almost 1000 books that is coming up for sale.
The books are from all over the world and in many different languages.
The pictures with allot of books in the same picture will soon be separated and I will take pictures of the individual books.
Right now take a look at the pictures and if you see something of interest contact me.

This is not all the pictures.


Magic Book's

The Feints and Temps of Harry Riser by Ed Brown

- Hard cover, published 1991, 165 pages.

- Out of print.

  • Perfect condition.      $85.00



Tom Mullica "Showtime" 

  $50.00 - Skr 500:-

Williamson's "Wonders" 

  $50.00 - Skr 500:-

Mac King Seminar and Rope routine.   

$20.00 - Skr 200:-   For both

Malini and his magic - by Dai Vernon.     $40.00 - Skr 390:-

The Award-Winning Rope Magic Of Francis Tabary.     $38.00  Skr 375:-

The Ramsay Legend by Andrew Galloway.  1969    $45.00 - Skr 450:-