Tips and idéas

Here you can see tips, ideas and different techniues that I use to make my magic props.

I got this idea one day when I saw a magician doing a show where he got a girl from the audience to help him with a trick. He asked her what she did for a living? She said she was a chef! He then took out a dove pan that he used to do a card trick. My first thought was, imagine if you could take out a regular frying pan and do the same thing.  The great thing with this idea is that no one will question a regular frying pan and it is very normal to crack an egg in to the pan and then be able to produce what ever you like.

Here is  a step by step how I made that trick a reality.

A regular frying pan

I then made the lid over the form by metal spinning. I use copper because later I will solder 3 spring inside for the insert and that is easier to do in copper, with aluminum I have do rivet the springs in and then you can see them on the outside of the lid.

I then use metalspinning to cover the form for the insert. I make this in aluminium.

Becomes a magic prop

First make form that will be for the lid, it is made from hard wool so I can easy form it to the exakt shape and size that is going to fitt over the frying pan.

Then I make a form for the insert, also in hard wood. Now this insert is going to fitt perfekt into the frying pan and also in the lid.

The two peces are now made and fitt the frying pan perfectly. 3 Springs are solderd inside the lid that will hold the insert in place.

I now make a notch at the side of the pan where the handle is so the lid can freely go over the pan.

I am now going to paint the parts and I decided to paint the lid the same color as the frying pan that way it looks like it is a matching set. Before you paint on copper and aluminum you first have paint the parts with a primer, I always use a epoxy primer that activates with a hardner.

The insert is paired white on the inside and flat black on the bottom.

Last I put a handle on the pan and you are done.

Tim Star


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