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Magic Props and Collectible Magic For Sale

This page is dedicated to the sale of magic collection from several magic collectors. The page has slightly newer props than the Vintage Magic Collection page. What I mean when I say newer I mean more modern. The props comes from the same collectors. It is a very large collection with a vast assortment of magic props both new and antique. All props will be described as completely and accurately as I can. 

The collection consist of several thousand items so all the items can not be listed at one time.  I will list the items here as we go. Items will also be sold on other medias. 

The prices are listed in US Dollars $ and Swedish Kronor Skr and Euros

It is very easy to make a purchase. Just contact me and let me know what you like to buy, pay for your item and I will ship it to you or, you are welcome to pay and come here to pick your item.

We are located in Norrköping Sweden.  Payment can be made with Swish, PayPal, or Bank transfer. 

You are welcome to come and see the items, just contact me.  If you would like to have your purchase shipped, shipping cost will be added unless it is listed that shipping is included in to the price. We usually ship with the Post Office or Schenker but if you prefer another company, we will find the best price for you. 

We do ship worldwide.

If there are any questions about the items or shipping cost or need additional pictures, just contact me.

If the item has a sold stamp on it is sold and will soon be removed.

All sales are on first come first serve basis.

I do not hold any items while you think about it.

An item will be considered sold upon receipt of payment.

Please do note that if the text indicates that "Manufacture is unknown" It only means that I do not know who made the prop, If you have the information I would be highly appreciated.

If an item is marked with PENDING, that means waiting for payment. 

If payment is not received and sold to the next in line.

All pickures are of the actual props that is for sell.

Die Box

Complete Die Box. I do not know the manufacturer of this box.

ONLY Skr 300:-   $30.00    €30.00      Plus Shipping

Antoninus Pius’ Box by Anton Corradin

The magician shows his audience six engraved wooden pieces which he will make face down a table. He also shows them a beautiful box with sand in its inside. The spectator chooses a symbol and he asks to draw the symbol in the sand. When the box is opened, the picture on the sand is the same as the one in the wooden piece.

NEW in The Box

Skr 450:-   $50.00    €43.00      Plus Shipping

HARRIES Biljardbollar New! in the box.

This is the larger set 40mm These were actualy made in Germany for Harries.

                 Skr 200:- $20.00 €19.50 Plus Shipping


HARRIES Stålkulans Hemlighet New! 

NEW! You will receive a brand new unopened package (one on the rigt)

   Skr 60:- $6.50 €6.50 Plus Shipping


Electronic Crasher
Up to now, the effect of breaking a glass required the use of a special table, or of a device inserted into a tray, usually of an obviously large size. Electronic Crasher produces the same effect but with a small device that may be hidden in a card case, a packet of cigarettes, a book, or in any other suitable location.

Electronic Crasher is an electro-mechanical device that is 100% reliable. It is powered by two batteries (included) and has a timer that will trigger the event at the moment you decide (a window of 10-45 seconds).

Skr 895:-   $102.00    €86.00      Plus Shipping

Bang On by Marc Oberon

This is Marc Oberon’s version of Kenton Knepper’s Kolossal Killer.
Effect: Your spectator merely thinks of any card from a regular 52 card deck. A totally free choice.
But within a split second you are able to remove from your pocket the exact card they were thinking of.


Skr 695:-   $79.00    €67.00      Plus Shipping

Harries Silk vanishing wand #193

You will receive the the wand that is still in the original packing. Brand new. The wand in fron is there to show you what you will receive.

  Skr 250:- $25.00  €24.50  Plus Shipping

Wonder Clock

Wonder clock comes with the box (Box is not perfect, lid broke) Clock is perfect, NEW Condition.

Skr 175:- $17.50 €17.50 FREE Shipping

Cups & Balls Aluminium

With 4 Crocheted balls.

Skr 400:-  Plus Shipping

Card Rise Box

Skr 175:- $20.00 €17.00 Plus Shipping

Vertical Dove Pan

Made of aluminium painted red, that's how they were made. I do not know why it is called a fire dove pan. You can of course produce anything you like from the pan.


Skr 200:-   $20.00    €20.00      Plus Shipping

Silk Ball & Vase

Skr 196:-   $19.00    €19.00      Plus Shipping

Needle Through Baloon

Skr 150:-   $17.00    €14.00      Plus Shipping

Chico the Chimp by Jam Magic

Skr 175:- $20.00 €17.00 Plus Shipping 

Hippity Hop Rabbits 12" by Mr. Magic  NEW!

Skr 300:- $34.00  €28.00  Plus Shipping


Very nice bouquet of colourful feather flowers.

In one set there is 12 flowers and the other 6 flowers. Both set's are all NEW.

These will fit perfectly into your sleeves.

Selling both together for one price.

           Skr 325:- $39.00 €32.00 Plus Shipping

Color changing Silks # 171 & # 172

HARRIES Color Changing silks. You choose the one you want. The single on the left is one silk changing color and the double on the right is two silks changing color.

Both are brand new in the box


Each Skr 85:-   $8.50    €8.00      Plus Shipping

Mao's wallet

This wallet really is a wonder because from within this really thin wallet you can first produce a small shot glass, show it all round then open it up again and take out a miniature bottle of. You can also have someone select a card, sign it, put it back in the pack

Shuffle it, and amazingly it will be found inside the wallet and it is the very same signed card.

Skr 750:- $85.00 €72.00 Plus Shipping

Hippity Hop Carrot by Harries

 NEW! Never used

Skr 495:- $56.00 €47.00 Plus Shipping

Hippity Hop Pussycats by Harries

 NEW! Never used

Skr 495:- $56.00 €47.00 Plus Shipping

Three Silk Case by Tora Magic

The magician shows a frame to the audience from its both sides as three silks are passed from the holes of it; the yellow one from the middle hole and two reds from beside ones. He takes over the yellow silk from the middle hole. Now there are two red silks in the frame. Make the yellow silk disappear in his hands or in zip bag. Now pulls out one of red silks from the frame. The audience sees that the vanished yellow silk is appeared as it is knotted in the middle of two red ones. Surely this will make the audience amazed.

 NEW! Never used

Skr 385:- $44.00 €37.00 Plus Shipping

Performing Pachyderm    NEW!

This is a perfect trick to be performed in front of children. A very large beautifully decorated wood prop. Jumbo the Elephant pulls jumbo cards out of his hat, with his trunk. These skills are used for comedy when he is solving mathematical problems and for magic when he pulls out the chosen card. Comes with Jumbo Deck and Gag Cards.

The elephant is 50cm high and perfect for your children’s stage show. This prop is NEW!

Skr 850:- $97.00 €81.00 Plus Shipping

We get all our playing cards from Kortleks Bolaget.