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This page is dedicated to the sale of magic collection from several magic collectors. The page has slightly newer props than the Vintage Magic Collection page. What I mean when I say newer I mean more modern. The props comes from the same collectors. It is a very large collection with a vast assortment of magic props both new and antique. All props will be described as completely and accurately as I can. 

The collection consist of several thousand items so all the items can not be listed at one time.  I will list the items here as we go. Items will also be sold on other medias. 

The prices are listed in US Dollars $ and Swedish Kronor Skr and Euros

It is very easy to make a purchase. Just contact me and let me know what you like to buy, pay for your item and I will ship it to you or, you are welcome to pay and come here to pick your item.

We are located in Norrköping Sweden.  Payment can be made with Swish, PayPal, or Bank transfer. 

You are welcome to come and see the items, just contact me.  If you would like to have your purchase shipped, shipping cost will be added unless it is listed that shipping is included in to the price. We usually ship with the Post Office or Schenker but if you prefer another company, we will find the best price for you. 

We do ship worldwide.

If there are any questions about the items or shipping cost or need additional pictures, just contact me.

If the item has a sold stamp on it is sold and will soon be removed.

All sales are on first come first serve basis.

I do not hold any items while you think about it.

An item will be considered sold upon receipt of payment.

Please do note that if the text indicates that "Manufacture is unknown" It only means that I do not know who made the prop, If you have the information I would be highly appreciated.

If an item is marked with PENDING, that means waiting for payment. 

If payment is not received and sold to the next in line.

All pickures are of the actual props that is for sell.

Lynx Wallet  with the Lynx Wallet City Add-On

NEW! Never used


Lynx Magic brings you Lynx Wallet, an essential utility prop that takes the classic "named card to envelope" to a whole new level, with the working professional magician in mind.


Inspired by the effect "Bang On" created by Marc Oberon, Gonçalo Gil and João Miranda created Lynx Wallet. Is the only device that allows the magician to remove any freely named card from a single envelope, both from the inside of one wallet, in the most clean conditions.


Imagine showing a wallet containing one envelope with only one playing card inside. Next, the magician can hand the wallet for a spectator to hold until the end. Then an audience member is asked to name any card (no force) and instantly the magician removes the envelope from the wallet, showing that the prediction matches the freely named card.


This amazing prop can be combined with very different routines, both in Close Up or Stage performances.


Lynx Wallet is a premium product that allows you to:

  • Predict any playing card.
  • Have any named card to wallet effect with only one wallet involved.
  • Perform the routine with the wallet in full view since the beginning.
  • Find the spectators card without using any elimination process or magician choice.
  • Use the wallet for everyday use.
  • Instant reset.
  • Predict any card without stooges or pre-show work.

Skr 430:-   $48.50    €41.00      Plus Shipping


Lynx Wallet City Add-on

The magician asks the spectator to think of any city in the world that he would like to visit, and correctly predicts it!
This amazing add-on comes with everything you need to perform right away (cards and envelopes included):
Only one wallet and one envelope
No elimination processes
Instant reset
Predict any city without stooges or pre-show work
Have a killer effect, very easy to perform


Perform using actual items found available in a live setting (coffeeshop, bar, etc.) to confirm you are not using trick items; they are fully examinable. Spectators will not believe their eyes when they see this up close! Hands are shown empty before and after. This effect can be repeated immediately.


Perform wearing causal attire (no sleeves required)


Instant reset; no set up necessary


Easy to perform


Works automatically


 The magician picks up an ordinary straw & places a typical breath mint on one end. alternate version: The spectator draws a few arrows on a breath mint with a marker or pen. The magician picks up a wooden stirring stick & places the marked breath mint on one end.



On command, the breath mint begins to slowly turn on the straw. It stops & starts under your full control. Hands are shown empty & all items are passed out for full examination.


ALTERNATE VERSION: The marked breath mint slowly turns, starting & stopping on command, in both directions - forwards and backwards! The visual effect is enhanced due to the arrows marked on the mint.

Comes with the DVD and the gimmick

Skr 350:-   $40.00    €33.00      Plus Shipping


Perrier With a Twist

It is a powerful multi-phase routine that is perfect for strolling environments. You begin by lighting a piece of paper and it visibly turns into a bottle that is handed out for examination. A 50-cent coin penetrates in and out of the bottle very cleanly and visually right through the glass. The magician explains that he can tell the secrets and sticks his finger through a “trap door” in the bottle. Then he unscrews the bottom of the bottle and screws it back on! Then passing it out for examination. You then take a cocktail napkin and cover the bottle, poking a hole so the top of the bottle can be seen. The performer pours water from the bottle and then crushes the paper into a ball. The bottle vanishes!!! The napkin is given to the spectator as a souvenir.


Accept no cheap imitations. Support Kevin James, the inventor and get great quality and service. Bottle, real 50 cent coin is also included.

Skr 450:-   $50.00    €43.00      Plus Shipping

Antoninus Pius’ Box by Anton Corradin

The magician shows his audience six engraved wooden pieces which he will make face down a table. He also shows them a beautiful box with sand in its inside. The spectator chooses a symbol and he asks to draw the symbol in the sand. When the box is opened, the picture on the sand is the same as the one in the wooden piece.

NEW in The Box

Skr 450:-   $50.00    €43.00      Plus Shipping

Astor Mental by Astor


For this effect the magician uses a transparent perspex board, five E. S. P. cards with blue back and five E. S. P. cards with red back. Every blue backed card has its matching red backed card. You will have the same E. S. P. symbols on the faces of these cards. The magician slips the blue cards into their slots on the board in an order only he knows. The spectator chooses one by one, in which matching slot the red cards should go, but he only sees the back of the cards. When the magician turns the board around, the blue back and red back cards are in the same order (top to bottom). You can show the trick twice and the order of the cards won't be the same. The cards are not specially prepared.

Dimensions Approximately: 9" x 13 1/2" x 1/4"


Skr 1,050:-   $120.00    €102.00      Plus Shipping

Electronic Crasher
Up to now, the effect of breaking a glass required the use of a special table, or of a device inserted into a tray, usually of an obviously large size. Electronic Crasher produces the same effect but with a small device that may be hidden in a card case, a packet of cigarettes, a book, or in any other suitable location.

Electronic Crasher is an electro-mechanical device that is 100% reliable. It is powered by two batteries (included) and has a timer that will trigger the event at the moment you decide (a window of 10-45 seconds).

Skr 895:-   $102.00    €86.00      Plus Shipping

Bang On by Marc Oberon

This is Marc Oberon’s version of Kenton Knepper’s Kolossal Killer.
Effect: Your spectator merely thinks of any card from a regular 52 card deck. A totally free choice.
But within a split second you are able to remove from your pocket the exact card they were thinking of.


Skr 695:-   $79.00    €67.00      Plus Shipping

Skr 550:-   $62.00    €52.00      Plus Shipping

Interlace by Richard Sanders


Borrow any ring, from any spectator, wave a lighter under it and it's gone! The spectator looks down at your shoe and now, hanging from the loop of your shoelace is their borrowed ring!

The ring is untied and slowly pulled off of the lace and given back to the switches!


No duplicate rings

No switches

No pulls or reels

No Reset - Immediately Repeatable

Angle Proof

Brand new principle in magic

10 amazing handling included

Use sneakers or Dress shoes

Devastating reactions every time!


You never bend down or go anywhere near your shoe at any point during the effect. The same borrowed ring in your hand is the same borrowed ring that ends up hanging from the loop of your shoelace seconds later! What To Expect: You will learn how to cause any borrowed ring to vanish and appear tied to your own shoelace! You receive all the props, plus a full length DVD featuring all the moves, tips, handlings and subtleties.



A silver tube is shown completely empty and handed out for inspection if you like to, when returned both ends of the tube are capped with tissue paper, metal rings are used to hold the paper in place thus making a drum! After you pop the tissue paper you can produce, Silk handkerchiefs, paper garland, silk streamers, spring flowers or anything you like, even a Live Dove! A classic effect of magic, beautiful made in aluminum.

This is a rare collectible magic item. Morrissey Magic has been out of business for many years now.

Skr 570:- $65.00  €55.00

Plus Shipping


Crummy Cookie

It's a magic cookie! And it's a realistic looking Oreo type cookie!
And you can do wonderful magical things with it!

You get a bunch of different tricks in one!
It's a Bitten-And-Restored Cookie, a Vanishing Cookie, a Vanishing Penny and a Shrinking Penny- you decide!

Place a penny on the back of your spectator's hand.
Wave the cookie over the penny- instantly the penny changes into a dime!

Place a penny on your spectator's hand, wave the magic cookie, and the penny shrinks into a miniature penny!

Toss the cookie into the air- it vanishes and reappears in your pocket!

Take a bite out of the cookie, and instantly make it whole again!

Skr 175:-   $19.50    €16.50     

Plus Shipping

Cups & Balls Aluminium

With 4 Crocheted balls.

Skr 400:-  Plus Shipping

HARRIES Clatterbox

Skr 425:-   $48.00    €41.00      Plus Shipping

Jumbo Drawer Box

This is a Large Drawer box 38cmX19cmX19c

Skr 475:-   $48.00    €41.00      Plus Shipping

Die Box deluxe

Skr 1,500:-   $171.00    €145.00      Plus Shipping

Die Box deluxe

Skr 1,200:-   $137.00    €116.00      Plus Shipping

Ricardo's Knife Through Arm

New never used, comes with a bottle of Blood

Skr 885:-   $.100    €86.00      Plus Shipping

Rocky Racoon Zig Zag

New! Never used

Skr 985:- $112.00    €95.00      Plus Shipping

Patrick Page’s Moneybag

A small bag is shown to be empty by turning it inside out. A small dish or glass is placed inside the bag, and the mouth of the bas is held in the left hand. Four coins are now shown and are vanished one at a time, and as each one disappears it is heard to arrive in the dish inside the MONEYBAG.

This is usually sold with just the money bag and you vanish the coins your own way. But this comes with the coins and beautiful Wood Coin Stand just like Patrick suggests in the instructions.

This makes the effect just perfect.

Skr 285:-   $32.00    €27.00      Plus Shipping

Chinese Sticks

Skr 550:- $63.00  €53.00  

Plus Shipping

Harries Die Penetration  NEW!

Skr 540:- $62.00  €53.00  

Plus Shipping

Silk Ball & Vase

Skr 460:-   $53.00    €44.00      Plus Shipping

Needle Through Baloon

Skr 150:-   $17.00    €14.00      Plus Shipping

Card Rise Box

Skr 175:- $20.00 €17.00 Plus Shipping

Hippity Hop Rabbits 12" by Mr. Magic  NEW!

Skr 300:- $34.00  €28.00  Plus Shipping

Chico the Chimp by Jam Magic

Skr 175:- $20.00 €17.00 Plus Shipping 

This effect combines both: a very clever version of the Pom-Pom Prayer stick made by Harries. The tubes are well finished and the mechanism is very smooth and silent. The hook up is also very easy. It appears to work exactly the same as the Pom-Poms, but with the added complexity of three strings instead of two.

TIZZEL-TAZZEL is very easy to perform. You can start doing it 15 minutes after you receive it.

If you know how the Pom-Pom-stick works you will be even more stunned by TIZZEL-TAZZEL!

Skr 955:- $110.00 €92.00 Plus Shipping           New in a box

Nielsen Vanishing wine Bottle

Skr 300:- $35.00 €29.00 Plus Shipping

Nielsen Vanishing Ketchup Bottle

Skr 300:- $35.00 €29.00 Plus Shipping

Nielsen Vanishing  Beer Bottle

Skr 300:- $35.00 €29.00 Plus Shipping

Nielsen Vanishing Coca Cola

Skr 300:- $35.00 €29.00 Plus Shipping


Harries Tipping (Tilting) Candle

It all starts out innocently enough. Borrow a large denomination bill. Have the spectator sign their bill. Place the bill in an envelope and mix it up with three other envelopes. The spectator chooses one envelope. The selected envelope is mounted on a stand in front of a lit candle. One by one the three other envelopes are held to the candle flame and burned to ashes. The selected envelope is still attached to the stand, in full view. You walk forward to explain exactly what has happened. While you are talking, and without your knowledge, the candle begins to slowly tilt until the flame makes contact with the selected envelope. This envelope goes up in flames as well. But, what about the borrowed bill? After lots of comedy byplay, the bill ends up inside a sealed envelope inside your wallet or any ware you like.

Harries Tipping (Tilting) Candle   NEW! in the box never used.

Skr 700:- $80.00 €67.00 Plus Shipping

Harries Tipping (Tilting) Candle   Used.

Skr 350:- $40.00 €33.00 Plus Shipping


This is a large set 48cm high and are very well made. In new condition.

Made by Top's Magic Denmark.

Perfect for children's shows. Loads of laughter! Have a black cut-out and a white cut-out rabbit miraculously switch places from within their designated enclosed boxes. The switching can happen multiple times to create pure laughter.

Just when the kids think they know how it's done, you amaze them with REAL magic -- BOTH bunnies have changed to two totally different colors.

Skr 750:- $85.00 €72.00 Plus Shipping


This is a large set 48cm high and are very well made. In new condition.

Made by Top's Magic Denmark.

Perfect for children's shows. Loads of laughter! Have a black cut-out and a white cut-out rabbit miraculously switch places from within their designated enclosed boxes. The switching can happen multiple times to create pure laughter.

Just when the kids think they know how it's done, you amaze them with REAL magic -- BOTH bunnies have changed to two totally different colors.

Skr 750:- $85.00 €72.00 Plus Shipping

Losander Chain breaker

This is a real miracle for the audience, and Losander has performed this effect for more than 15 years. Whenever he performs it in front of Magicians, the first reaction is "That is awesome! Can we buy it?" Now you have the chance! Losander has decided to give this original thumb tie illusion to everyone who wants it. If you want to hear your audience gasp in astonishment, then this is exactly what you need in your show.
You tie your fingers together with electrical tape. Everything can be examined (no fake thumbs). After everybody agrees that there is no way in or out, you penetrate a solid chain. As fast as it was in, it's out again. All of a sudden a purse from the audience is attached inside the two fingers. The highlight is when you visually penetrate your thumb with the solid steel chain.
This trick contains:

  • Chain
  • Electrical tape
  • "Stage Show, Close-up, Impromptu Products Instructions" DVD (approx. 127 minutes)

Everything is ready to go. Don't miss out on this perfect thumb tie... the Chain Breaker!

Skr 695:- $80.00 €66.00 Plus Shipping


Very nice bouquet of colourful feather flowers.

In one set there is 12 flowers and the other 6 flowers. Both set's are all NEW.

These will fit perfectly into your sleeves.

Selling both together for one price.

           Skr 325:- $39.00 €32.00 Plus Shipping

See Clip HERE

Triple Impact 2.0  NEW! in the box never used.

  1. A spectator cleanly selects 3 cards from a red deck and places them in to 3 separate pockets of his choice. 
  2. With no fishing or funny moves the magician/mind reading guru reaches into his top pocket and removes a blue backed prediction card, your spectator removes the red back card, which he freely placed in to his top pocket, and they match! (same card, same pocket). 
  3. The magician now removes a card from his right hand pocket, the spectator does the same and they match (same card, same pocket, and remember the magician removes his prediction first so it is in full view). 
  4. The magician reaches into his left hand pocket and removes a card the card is shown and yes it matches the spectator's card (once again same card, same pocket). 

  • This is a self-working masterpiece in mental magic. 
  • No Sleight Of Hand. 
  • Easy To Do. 
  • Only one prediction card is in cash pocket. 
  • Your pockets may be freely shown empty after each prediction card is removed.
  • Nothing added or taken away from the pockets or the deck at any time. 
  • No Palming. 
  • No Rough and Smooth.
  • The Predictions are in your pocket before you start. 
  • Easily reset and extremely practical. 
  • This is one effect that you will be asked to perform time and time again! In the midst of the many card tricks available today, Triple Impact is something you will USE for many years to come. 
  • Comes complete with deck and instructional DVD

Skr 165:- $19.50 €16.00 Plus Shipping

Mao's wallet

This wallet really is a wonder because from within this really thin wallet you can first produce a small shot glass, show it all round then open it up again and take out a miniature bottle of. You can also have someone select a card, sign it, put it back in the pack

Shuffle it, and amazingly it will be found inside the wallet and it is the very same signed card.

Skr 750:- $85.00 €72.00 Plus Shipping

Himbler Wallet by Jerry O'Connell 

The instructions is for a Mini Himbler but the wallet is not a Mini Himbler.

It is a larger Himbler wallet 180mm X 115mm. it is NEW!

Skr 395:- $45.00 €38.00 Plus Shipping


Let a spectator choose a card from a deck. Let him also write the name of the card on a slip of paper which is folded and attached under clip no 1. The next spectator is asked to think of a color which is written and folded under clip no 2. Continue in the same way with number 3 and 4, ask for an animal and a name. When all this is done you write the first one, the card on a slate. Ask the spectator if it is correct (which it is of course!) and prove this to the audience by showing the folded paper with the written word. Write the right color in the slate, let the only spectator who knows this confirm it and check under clip number 2. You are right again! Do the same procedure with number 3 and 4 and I promise you, you will be right all the times! Your audience will be stunned! How is this possible? Size of the plexi board is 25cm x 25cm

Skr 550:- $62.00 €53.00 Plus Shipping


Lota Bowl 220cm High

This is used not in perfect condition but works fine.

Skr 125:- $14.00 €12.00 Plus Shipping

Hippity Hop Carrot by Harries

 NEW! Never used

Skr 495:- $56.00 €47.00 Plus Shipping

Hippity Hop Pussycats by Harries

 NEW! Never used

Skr 495:- $56.00 €47.00 Plus Shipping

Chick Pan  Aluminum   NEW!

Small production pan that can produce anything that you can fit in to it.

Made of Aluminum.

New never used.

(The deck of cards not included) Only there so you can see the size of the pan.

Skr 150:- $19.00 €16.00 Plus Shipping

Three Silk Case by Tora Magic

The magician shows a frame to the audience from its both sides as three silks are passed from the holes of it; the yellow one from the middle hole and two reds from beside ones. He takes over the yellow silk from the middle hole. Now there are two red silks in the frame. Make the yellow silk disappear in his hands or in zip bag. Now pulls out one of red silks from the frame. The audience sees that the vanished yellow silk is appeared as it is knotted in the middle of two red ones. Surely this will make the audience amazed.

 NEW! Never used

Skr 385:- $44.00 €37.00 Plus Shipping

Performing Pachyderm    NEW!

This is a perfect trick to be performed in front of children. A very large beautifully decorated wood prop. Jumbo the Elephant pulls jumbo cards out of his hat, with his trunk. These skills are used for comedy when he is solving mathematical problems and for magic when he pulls out the chosen card. Comes with Jumbo Deck and Gag Cards.

The elephant is 50cm high and perfect for your children’s stage show. This prop is NEW!

Skr 850:- $97.00 €81.00 Plus Shipping

We get all our playing cards from Kortleks Bolaget.