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This page is dedicated to the sale of magic collection from several magic collectors. It is a very large collection with a vast assortment of magic props both new and antique. All props will be described as completely and accurately as I can. 

The collection consist of several thousand items so all the items can not be listed at one time.  I will list the items here as we go. Items will also be sold on other medias. 

The prices are listed in US Dollars $ and Swedish Kronor Skr and Euros

It is very easy to make a purchase. Just contact me and let me know what you like to buy, pay for your item and I will ship it to you or, you are welcome to pay and come here to pick your item.

We are located in Norrköping Sweden.  Payment can be made with Swish, PayPal, or Bank transfer. 

You are welcome to come and see the items, just contact me.  If you would like to have your purchase shipped, shipping cost will be added unless it is listed that shipping is included in to the price. We usually ship with the Post Office or Schenker but if you prefer another company, we will find the best price for you. 

We do ship worldwide. 

If there are any questions about the items or shipping cost or need additional pictures, just contact me.

If the item has a sold stamp on it is sold and will soon be removed.

All sales are on first come first serve basis.

I do not hold any items while you think about it.

An item will be considered sold upon receipt of payment.

Please do note that if the text indicates that "Manufacture is unknown" It only means that I do not know who made the prop, If you have the information I would be highly appreciated.

If an item is marked with PENDING, that means waiting for payment. 

If payment is not received and sold to the next in line.

Older and Vintage

All pickures are of the actual props that is for sell.

You can click on some of the picture to see a larger version

Harries Kanin Illusionen  (the rabbit Illusion)

This is a very rare apparatus and it is in absolutly mint condition. Made by Harries

and painted by Bengt Harries probably in the 1960.

Size 40X50X93 cm His beautiful magic apparatus would be the highligt in your magic room.

Animal of your choise is plased in the box witch is dissasamble a pies at the time showned to be empty.

  Harries Blue Phantom

Beautiful piece of magic and with the absolute best gimmick solution that I have seen. The very clever gimmick solution consist of springs and rods and with just a push of a finger the deed is done automatically. The clever gimmick solution was developed by Staffan Nordmark and Bo Jonsson for Harries magic. This is not the solution Harries had on the Blue Phantom and only a hand full of them were made.

Skr 3400:- $395.00 €332.00 Plus

Plus Shipping

Owens Blue Phantom

Absolutly in mint condition

New price at Owens $ 680.00

Skr 3500:-  $400.00 €338.00 

Plus Shipping

HARRIES " 1211 Firebowl to Flowers

A bowl of fire is produced and placed on a pedestal, a lid is placed over the fire and when removed the bowl is filled with flower.

Made in the mid 1960.

It has 4 parts it is brand new and has never been used.

No dents, no scratches.

Skr 1350:-  $165.00  €133.00 

Plus Shipping

From Owens catalouge 1959 Click picture to enlarge

Card Sword

This Card Sword is 1st version (Merv Taylor-Thayer-Owen).

Made by Owens Supreem

Complete with all accessories and the original tip which is usually missing! Sword in perfect condition. 35 inches (90cm) long. All in a wood case.

Skr 3650:- $425.00 €356.00 Plus

Plus Shipping


Matematiska Gåtan - Bewildering Blocks - Cube-A-Libre


The magician shows 2 sets of blocks numbered 1-6. Each block is shown to be separately and stacked one on top of the other. A wooden tube is introduced and shown empty and then placed over one of the stacks of blocks. Magician has spectators call out different numbers and the uncovered stack of blocks is then rearranged to correspond with the numbers the spectators have selected. When the tube is instantly removed, both sets of blocks are in precisely the same order! And if that isn’t startling enough, you can repeat this several more times. Each and every time both stacks of blocks end up in the same numerical sequence.

This is NEW in the box with instructions

Skr 1750:- $200.00 €168.00 Plus Shipping


Lilla Illusionen ( The Small Ilusion )

A beautiful cabinet to vanish doves or a rabitt. Has never been used and is in perfect condition.

Skr 595:- $69.00 €58.00 Plus Shipping

HARRIES Japan Schatull

Nice condition decorated by Bengt Harries

Year early early 1960

Skr 425:- $49.00 €41.00 Plus Shipping


HARRIES Japan Schatull

Nice condition decorated by Bengt Harries

year early 1960

Skr 425:- $49.00 €41.00 Plus Shipping


Card Sword by Tim Star made 1972

I made this sword when I was working at Harries magic, I wanted a card sword but I thought the Harries swords were to short so I made my own. Bengt Harries loved it and asked me to make some more, so I made 5 of them. I still have mine and this is number 2 of the 5 made. I was 16.

Skr 1150:- $133.00 €112.00 Plus Shipping


Skr 4200:- $495.00 €415.00 Plus Shipping

Harries Diabolo Cube #366

The cube that will stop at your command anywhere on the string.

This is the only magic prop that Harries has a Pattern on # 121666 Very clever solution, everything can be examined. This is brand new in the original box.

Skr395:- $45.00 €38.00 Plus Shipping

Harries Dove Pan New condition.

This Dove Pan is made of copper that has been nickel plated, the pan is in perfect condition.

Skr 995:- $115.00 €97.00 Plus Shipping

Harries #1256 Vinbodegan

Skr 500:- $54.00 €48.00 Plus Shipping

Harries Die Surprise


Skr 995:- $113.00 €95.00 Plus Shipping

HARRIES Magic Boxed Set

Brand new never opened still in plastic, Rare!

Skr 550:- $59.00 €55.00 Plus Shipping

Harries Bosco Cups made in aluminium.The cup's are new with a carrying bag and 4 balls as seen in the picture

Skr 495:-  $57.00   €48.00    Plus Shipping

EFFECT: A metal cylinder approximately 4½" in diameter and 2¾" in depth is shown empty. Two metal bands are used to secure tissue paper in place to form a drum. The cylinder and bands may be examined by a spectator. Or the spectator can even form the drum if you wish. The ENCHANTED DRUM is then placed on a metal base in full view. The tissue is broken and the magician reaches inside the empty drum and produces a large quantity of silk scarves.

Skr 300:- $35.00 €29.00 Plus Shipping

See a video clip HERE

Card Rise Box -  Ghost Box

Beautiful made in wood

One or several card is chosen from a deck of cards. The deck is placed in the box, suddenly the lid will open up and a card will rise out of the box. Several cards can be chosen and will rising from the box one at the time. The box is NEW and comes with a deck of cards.

Skr 495:- $48.00 €43.00 Plus Shipping

Vintage Multiplying Billiard Balls  NEW!

2 Sets of balls NEW in mint condition both balls and boxes. Made in germany. 1950 to 1960

You will get both sets.

Skr 525:- $59.00 €50.00 Plus Shipping

Lota Vase Harries

Skr 500:- $58.00 €48.00 Plus Shipping

HARRIES Large Coffee Vase #300

Produces hot coffe from nowhere.

Veryy nice condition.

Skr 1150:- $132.00 €110.00

Plus Shipping

Harries Clatter Box  New! in the box

Hand a spectator this box, explaining that it must be handled carefully, as it is a very valuable piece of equipment. Take a silk handkerchief and vanish it, telling the spectator that the vanished silk is now inside the box. Ask the spectator to carefully open the box.
As soon as the spectator opens the box, it completely falls apart, crashing to the floor with an awful racket! BUT WAIT- the vanished silk is indeed found hanging INSIDE THE BOX!Great comedy routine! 

Skr 400:- $43.00 €38.00 Plus Shipping            See Film Clip HERE


Mental Vision Harries 

New never used

Four brass coins with ESP-symbols are shown. A coin is choosen by a numbered spinwheel, no force needed! A spectator concentrates on the symbol of the chosen coin, as it magically appears on a "magic crystal", that has been in view the entire time.

Skr 495:- $56.00 €47.00

Plus Shipping

Grand Cafe Mysteriös

"Harries Kaffeservisen"

Coffee, Cream, and Sugar Trick. Sweden, Harries Magic. Cotton, silk, and confetti placed in the separate pieces of a metal coffee service transform into hot coffee, sugar, and cream.

This set is a special deluxe edition that has a lid even for the cream can.

Everything is in perfect condition.

Skr 3950:- $450.00 €380.00

Plus Shipping

Harries Multiplying Pipes


Skr 195:- $22.00 €19.00

Plus Shipping

Biliard Ball Stand

NEW! Manufacture unknown.

Skr 375:- $43.00 €36.00

Plus Shipping

HARRIES Phantom Tube

"Fantom Cylinder"


Skr 525:- $75.00 €62.00

Plus Shipping

HARRIES #175 Clairvoyant Mystery

Audience can place the wooden blocks in any order and after the lid is closed the magician can tell what order is chosen.


Skr 200:- $22.00 €19.00

Plus Shipping

HARRIES Rapid Schatull.

Number 1248 in Harries catalog.

Vanish doves or a rabbit. Made aprox end of 1950 beginning 1960. Painted by Benkt Harries.

Very nice condition.

Skr 500:- $57.00 €48.00 Plus Shipping

Double Drawer Box

Beautiful wood work, manufacturer is unknown to me.

This is a large box 

Skr 500:- $59.00 €49.00 Plus Shipping

Last Card by HARRIES

Comes with the gimmick and silk.   NEW! 

Skr 375:- $40.00 €36.00 Plus Shipping

Rice Bowls

Perfect condition

Skr 375:- $40.00 €36.00 Plus Shipping

The Large Flag Number

Det stora Flaggnumret

Harries Original “The Large Flag number” is a Production of a large flag on a flag pole.
This is the large version that will extend to 2 meters (6,5 Feet).
Made from heavy duty Brass and this one come with a Swedish flag. All brand new with the original instructions.

Hard to find and specially brand NEW!

Skr 1500:- $170.00 €144.00 Plus Shipping

Multum in Parvo - Plus by Mephisto-Huis

(Or Deminishing milk)

The magician starts out displaying five differently sized glasses, which are lined up from smallest to largest and are all shown to be empty. The smallest glass is picked up and filled with milk from a pint size milk carton. The small glass is displayed, and the magician looks at the glass and shakes his head, because he wants a bigger glass of milk. Unfortunately, there is no more milk in the milk carton. So instead, the magician pours the milk from the smallest glass into the next bigger glass in the line up. The milk fills the glass to the top!

The magician takes this glass and fills up the next biggest glass in the line up, and it also fills the glass to the top! The milk is seemingly multiplying from glass to glass. This is repeated all the way up to the largest glass. The magician has filled up the largest glass from a tiny glass of milk!

Now with the largest glass filled, he gives a big smile and then starts to fill the four empty glasses up from the largest down to the smallest. The largest glass fills up the other four glasses!

This set is used but in perfect working order.

Skr 550:- $56.00 €48.00 Plus Shipping

Crazy Cube by Harries

NEW! In the Box

If you like Cube A Libre wait until you see Goran Klyve’s Crazy Cubes!

You nned to see the film clip!

Skr 1550:- $175.00 €149.00 Plus Shipping

See Film Clip HERE


Crazy Cube by Harries

This is used but in perfect condition

If you like Cube A Libre wait until you see Goran Klyve’s Crazy Cubes!

You nned to see the film clip!

Skr 995:- $110.00 €95.00 Plus Shipping

See Film Clip HERE

We get all our playing cards from Kortleks Bolaget.