Vintage Magic Collection

Magic Props and Collectible Magic For Sale

This page is dedicated to the sale of magic collection from several magic collectors. It is a very large collection with a vast assortment of magic props both new and antique. All props will be described as completely and accurately as I can. 

The collection consist of several thousand items so all the items can not be listed at one time.  I will list the items here as we go. Items will also be sold on other medias. 

The prices are listed in US Dollars $ and Swedish Kronor Skr and Euros

It is very easy to make a purchase. Just contact me and let me know what you like to buy, pay for your item and I will ship it to you or, you are welcome to pay and come here to pick your item.

We are located in Norrköping Sweden.  Payment can be made with Swish, PayPal, or Bank transfer. 

You are welcome to come and see the items, just contact me.  If you would like to have your purchase shipped, shipping cost will be added unless it is listed that shipping is included in to the price. We usually ship with the Post Office or Schenker but if you prefer another company, we will find the best price for you. 

We do ship worldwide. 

If there are any questions about the items or shipping cost or need additional pictures, just contact me.

If the item has a sold stamp on it is sold and will soon be removed.

All sales are on first come first serve basis.

I do not hold any items while you think about it.

An item will be considered sold upon receipt of payment.

Please do note that if the text indicates that "Manufacture is unknown" It only means that I do not know who made the prop, If you have the information I would be highly appreciated.

If an item is marked with PENDING, that means waiting for payment. 

If payment is not received and sold to the next in line.

Older and Vintage

All pickures are of the actual props that is for sell.

You can click on some of the picture to see a larger version

HARRIES Urmortel # 1238

Harries urmortel complete with the gimmick and testle (which is rare)  Borrow a watch in the mortar, shom the broken pieces, the watch can be produced from any other place later on.

 Skr 750:- $75.00 €74.00 Plus Shipping


HARRIES #505 The Alarm Clocks

Harries productions Clocks with a stand. One clock has a built in ricker system. Perfect condition.

Only       Skr 1,000:- $96.00 €90.00 Plus Shipping

HARRIES Firebowl Brand new never used.

Production of a firebowl. The bowl is set up for the old way to light up using khemicals.

 Skr 325:- $34.00 €32.00 Plus Shipping

HARRIES # 302 Micro Tamburin  Brand New!

Production of silks.

        Skr 95:- $9.00 €9.00 Plus Shipping

HARRIES # 132 Bollpokalen  NEW!

Brand new in the original wrapping. You will receive the blue wrapped in the picture.  

        Skr 125:- $12.00 €12.00 Plus Shipping

HARRIES TheAmerican Cylinder

Made with the same quality that Harries is known for. This cylinder is 12.5cm in legth. Manufactured date oprox in the 1960's.

The one you will receive is brand new in the original packing, never been opened. (the one you see on the right).

Skr 299:- $27.00 €25.50 Plus Shipping

Matematiska Gåtan - Bewildering Blocks - Cube-A-Libre


The magician shows 2 sets of blocks numbered 1-6. Each block is shown to be separately and stacked one on top of the other. A wooden tube is introduced and shown empty and then placed over one of the stacks of blocks. Magician has spectators call out different numbers and the uncovered stack of blocks is then rearranged to correspond with the numbers the spectators have selected. When the tube is instantly removed, both sets of blocks are in precisely the same order! And if that isn’t startling enough, you can repeat this several more times. Each and every time both stacks of blocks end up in the same numerical sequence.

This is NEW in the box with instructions

Skr 1750:- $200.00 €168.00 Plus Shipping

HARRIES #348 Fingerborgarna (Thimbles)

These are brand new in the box and come with a metal holder. Thimbles are made of wood and lacquered. You chose Red or White

Skr 185:- $18.00 €17.00 Plus Shipping

HARRIES Magic Boxed Set

Brand new never opened still in plastic, Rare!

Skr 550:- $59.00 €55.00 Plus Shipping

Pro-Van Cabinet

Based on the Pro-Van Cabinet by Jack Hughes.

The cabinet is in the form of a hinged panel. The rear panel has a secret load compartment. The load compartment cab be freely handled by the magi so that the audience never suspects a thing. The cabinet measures approximately 8 x 10 inches and holds quite a large load of silks, spring flowers, rubber or foam fruit or anything you like.

Skr 250:- $30.00 €25.00 Plus Shipping

Card Rise Box -  Ghost Box

Beautiful made in wood

One or several card is chosen from a deck of cards. The deck is placed in the box, suddenly the lid will open up and a card will rise out of the box. Several cards can be chosen and will rising from the box one at the time. The box is NEW and comes with a deck of cards.

Skr 495:- $48.00 €43.00 Plus Shipping

Vintage Multiplying Billiard Balls  NEW!

2 Sets of balls NEW in mint condition both balls and boxes. Made in germany. 1950 to 1960

You will get both sets.

Skr 525:- $59.00 €50.00 Plus Shipping

Harries Clatter Box  New! in the box

Hand a spectator this box, explaining that it must be handled carefully, as it is a very valuable piece of equipment. Take a silk handkerchief and vanish it, telling the spectator that the vanished silk is now inside the box. Ask the spectator to carefully open the box.
As soon as the spectator opens the box, it completely falls apart, crashing to the floor with an awful racket! BUT WAIT- the vanished silk is indeed found hanging INSIDE THE BOX!Great comedy routine! 

Skr 400:- $40.00 €36.00 Plus Shipping            See Film Clip HERE

Harries Multiplying Pipes

Brand NEW! In the original box.

Skr 195:- $22.00 €19.00

Plus Shipping

Harries Bosco Cups made in aluminium.The cup's are new with a carrying bag and 4 balls as seen in the picture

Skr 495:-  $57.00   €48.00    Plus Shipping


Harries Kub - Ram och Bandmysteriet

Mysterious Dienand Frame

Made by HARRIES Magic Sweden. This kube is used but of course in perfect working condition. A trick that will fool you. Here is a clip.

Skr 300:- $30.00 €30.00 Plus Shipping

Tora Super Magic Watches and Increasing of pocket watches

These are actually two magic effects from Tora Magic.

Tora Super Magic Watches and Increasing of pocket watches, these were sold separately. increasing of pocket watches is a bare hand production of 5 watches and Super Magic Watches is a production and a vanishing and transformation of 5 watches to a giant watch. Comes with everything you see in the pictures. These are brand New and have never been used.

All this is only Skr 1150:- $115 €112.00 Plus Shipping

RNT Chop Cup Rings N' Things

This is a RNT Chop Cup from the original Rings N' Things made 1979 (I know I worked there spinning cups) High polished with a baked on epoxy finish. No dings No scratches.

Skr 1400:- $140 €140.00 Plus Shipping


A gimmick for producing cards. New in the box. box! 

Skr 100:- $10.00 €10.00 Plus Shipping

HARRIES #377 Silks from the newspaper. 

A special gimmick to produce several silks from a one page none gimmicked newspaper. Show a newspaper page let the spectator point anywhere on the paper you make a hole and you produce a silk. Brand new in a sealed box.

Skr 125:- $12.50 €12.00 Plus Shipping

HARRIES #152 Automatic Funnel  DELUXE  NEW!

Brand new The best Automatic Funnel on the market.

Skr 195:- $19.00 €19.00 Plus Shipping

We get all our playing cards from Kortleks Bolaget.