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Here you can see another way to work with metal, molding metal. Which is something I often use for making magic parts, to mold this way is very detailed and not very hard to do. You can use different metals to mold with the process is the same. You just have to know the melting temperature of the metal you use and then use different material for the mold that could handle the temperature.

This can become....

This with a little imagination and know how.

The metal is a mixture of pewter, copper and antimon.

Marble from Kolmården

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Star Trek

I then start to form the wax in to the finish piece using a file, small planer, knife, sharp blades and sandpaper. The great thing with the wax is if you do a mistake you can repair it by heating the wax and add new wax. I use a small solder gun.


Time to prepare the silicone that mix with a hardener and then you fill the form.

The mold silicone I use is called ELASTOSIL M 4470 which is a silicone rubber that can withstand very high temperatures. It works great with this metal, is I am going to mold silver then I will use a silicone rubber that will withstand a higher temperature.

I great tip to not waist to much rubber is to first measure how much you need.

I fill the form with water and pour it in to a measuring cup that way I get exactly the amount that I need. Remember the form is brushed with Vaseline so the water will not stick to anything that is coated with Vaseline.

First I draw the part that I like to make and then I use a hard wax (jeweler’s wax) it is a hard wax and easier to form. I use the same wax when I make a sand cast that I inbedd in mold sand and then heat up the sand and pour out the wax before I fill the mold with metal.

When the wax part is ready I make a mold frame, it dose not matter what it is made from. Glue it to a cardboard paper so it will not leak. In the bottom I put clay and then I push the wax part in to the clay, I do not want the rubber to get under the wax. I then brush everything with ordinary Vaseline, that way the rubber will not stick to the wax or the frame.

Kolmården's Green Marble

I happens to live only a few miles from where they mined the marble a long time ago. There is still marble near the over 50 Pitts in the woods in Kolmården.

Start with a large piece that I cut down to t before moulding

It is important how you cut it, it will look very different depending how you slice it.

Sand the stone with wet sandpaper until it is slick then polish with a wax disk.

Everything now sitts over night and the next day you can turn everthing over, remove the card board and remove the clay. Remove your wax part. You know have a perfekt form that you can pour the melted metal in to.

To prepare the fortebefore moulding all you need to do is to powder the inside of the mold with ordanary Talcum Powder.

Polishing the molded piece to a high gloss finish. All the parts are now ready to be assembled.

And this is what it will look like when it is finished.