Magic props and material

Magic props and material for all magicians from Tim Star


Här hittar du tillbehör och hjälpmedel. Finns produkten på sidan så finns den i lager.

Vernet Tumspets storlek medium.

60:- Frakt tillkommer

Vernet Tumspets storlek Extra Stor

60:- Plus Frakt

Double Sanada Gimmick from Jay Scott Barry.

New This is a double sanada that has 2 compartments.

US$ 10:00 SW 95:- Plus Shipping

Plastic pockets for your very special cards and pocket tricks. Comes in Red or Black. Has see through plastic on each side.

US $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00

Silk (pure silk) 45cm X 45cm (18")

US$ 4.50 SW 45:- each Plus Shipping

Silk material by the yard: Here you can buy pure silk by the yard that way you can make anything you like. This is real Chapong silk.

Click of more info.

Copper penny from England.These are brand new Uncirculated Coins. Perfect for copper silver routines as they are the same size as a half dollar. Contact for price.

Silk (pure silk) 60cm X 60cm (24")

US$ 7.50 SW 60:- each Plus Shipping

Match Light

Match Light or Match pull as some calls them is a perfect way to produce a lit match any time during the show.

This all metal hinged clip is extremely well made. Can be attach any place. The surgical band can be adjusted for different pressures depending what kind of match you are using. Dependable, made to work every time. Only takes one second to load. Comes with everything you see in the picture. This is the best Match Light on the market.


Price: $ 14.00 Buy More than one Price $ 12.50


Shipping US, Canada $ 3.50



Half Dollars from the USA. Let me know what year you are looking for.

Contact for price.

Silk (pure silk) 90cm X 90cm (36")

US$ 17.00 SW 125:- each Plus Shipping

Crocheted Balls

We have the finest hand crocheted balls on the market. The balls are tightly stitched using a very small crochet needle and cotton thread so it takes a long time to make a ball. Because the stitch is so small and the thread is not “fuzzy”, our balls are much easier to palm and keep in control.


These are the same quality balls you will receive when you purchase one of our Cups. The standard color of red is shipped with each ordered cup, however, if you would like to specify a different color with your order please contact us.


Because a magnet has a positive and negative side, it is very difficult to fit a magnetic ball to a cup produced by another vendor. Because of this, we do not normally sell the ball sets individually. All the magnets in our cups are fitted exactly the same way every time. However, we usually have a large variety of balls for sell at conventions and meetings. If you have questions or need additional information just contact us.


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