S.S.S Smoke

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Magic props and material for all magicians from Tim Star

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S.S.S. Smoke by Shin Lim

Produkt Beskrivning


A super easy way to produce magical smoke when ever you want anytime in your act. Every one has probably seen Shin Lim do this effect. This comes with the download instructions in original box from Shin Lim.


This comes with everything you need everything is complete so you can produce smoke as soon as you open the package. You do not need to buy anything. The unit is already built.


Comes with the smoke gimmick, USB charger, special made adapters in brass, tubing, air source with reverse valve plus everything you need to rig this up anywhere you like. With the special made brass adapters you do not need any duck tape and you can adapt this to any applications you like.

Original box from Shin Lim built by Tim Star.