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Magic props and material for all magicians from Tim Star

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Produkt Beskrivning Läderplånboken

Michael's ShowCase wallet. This leather z-fold wallet allows you to make items like business cards, photos, playing cards, cash and similar to vanish and/or appear with ease!


A great companion with the the Skinner 3 Card Monte.


Beautiful quality construction. Black Leather. Comes complete with instructions and the cards needed for the 3 card monte routine.

Produkt Beskrivning

• DVD med 10 rutiner

• Läderplånbok

• Korten för 3 card monte rutinen


This DVD is a best-seller - and a FREE Skinner "Ultimate 3 Card Monte" is included inside! Plus as an extra bonus you will receive the Lether Wallet and the cards for the 3 card monte routine.


This 60 minute dvd features 12 truly impromptu effects using 'everyday objects' found around the home or office. Now packaged in a new, ultra-thin case!


Easy to perform, yet some of the strongest, most practical effects you can do in real world situations. Lots of good advice about magic is sprinkled throughout too.


What's more, it is a fun DVD to watch - no static, one camera, one backdrop-type production here! The scenery changes often, with Michael taking you on location to Toyko, The Alamo, The Library, The Bar, The Restaurant and more! You will enjoy learning from this DVD.


Furthermore, as an exceptional value, the Skinner "Ultimate 3 Card Monte" is taught at the end of the DVD! Many professionals feature this routine as a closer - it's that strong!


  • The DVD teaches these magic tricks (which can be done almost anywhere):
  • The Broken and Restored Rubber Band
  • The Self-Printing Business Card
  • The Penetrating Matches
  • The Rolling Cigarette
  • The Match Trick
  • The Burnt Matches
  • The Bending Spoon
  • Salt Shaker Through the Table
  • The Rising Cigarette
  • Bonus: The 3 Card Monte - Michael Skinners incredible routine is included inside and taught at the end of the DVD! With the cards.
  • Also included, Michael's bent corner switch! A new feature at the end of the DVD.