Magic props


Collectible Magic


Here you will find material that is often used in the making of magic props and that are sometimes hard to find and when you find them you often has to buy such large quantity. Here you can buy as little or as much as you like. If there is something you are looking for that is not here just contact me.

Wick material.

Wick material is used for anything that you like to burn. Like fire bowl, candles and so on.

Perfect for replacing the wicks in your candles or any other prop you have that is now burnt out.

All the wicks work perfect with lighter fluid or lamp oil.

Contact me for the size you need. sold by the yard.

Super strong magnets in all sizes from 1mm X 1mm and upp. Contact me I have the sizes you need.

Steel Shim's are available in all sizes and thickneses. Can be used in various applications, Put in to playing cards, coins or anything that you like to stick to a magnet. Thickness: 0,13, 0,05, 0,06, 0,09, 0,11

Contact for details

Brass tubing - Mandrill tubing

Brass tubing in all sizes. A Mandrill tubing is a tub that each size will fitt perfect inside the other tube that s under or over. so a 22mm tube has a wall thickness of .5mm fits perfect inside a 23mm. These are hard to find and if you are going to order you have to buy in such large quantity. Here you can buy as little as you like.

Springs in all sizes. If I do not have exactly what you are locking for, I can then make the spring you need.


Flatt springs leaf springs

Size 51mm long, 5mm wide, 0,3mm thick

Silk material

Here you can order silk by the yard that way you can make up anything you like in any color you like. Contakt for price and color shoice.

This is real Chapong Silk.


Spring hinges for your special project's. Alo available is just the springs for the hinges.

Long 25mm Wide 16mm

Flätad Nylon lina 1mm

Denna lina är perfekt till PomPom, Tissel Tassel eller liknande där du vill ha något som räcker i många år utan att bli utsliten. Den är enormt stark och det bästa med den är att den glider så lätt och kommer inte att tussa upp sig med tiden.

Jag köper i 1000 meters rullar direkt från ett repslageri, du köper hur mycket du vill.

Plastic pockets for your very special cards and pocket tricks. Comes in Red or Black. Has see through plastic on each side.

US $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00

Silk (pure silk) 45cm X 45cm (18")

US$ 4.50 SW 45:- each Plus Shipping

Copper penny from England.These are brand new Uncirculated Coins. Perfect for copper silver routines as they are the same size as a half dollar. Contact for price.

Silk (pure silk) 60cm X 60cm (24")

US$ 7.50 SW 60:- each Plus Shipping

Silk (pure silk) 90cm X 90cm (36")

US$ 17.00 SW 125:- each Plus Shipping

Crocheted Balls

We have the finest hand crocheted balls on the market. The balls are tightly stitched using a very small crochet needle and cotton thread so it takes a long time to make a ball. Because the stitch is so small and the thread is not “fuzzy”, our balls are much easier to palm and keep in control.


These are the same quality balls you will receive when you purchase one of our Cups. The standard color of red is shipped with each ordered cup, however, if you would like to specify a different color with your order please contact us.


Because a magnet has a positive and negative side, it is very difficult to fit a magnetic ball to a cup produced by another vendor. Because of this, we do not normally sell the ball sets individually. All the magnets in our cups are fitted exactly the same way every time. However, we usually have a large variety of balls for sell at conventions and meetings. If you have questions or need additional information just contact us.