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Here you will find all kinds of magic props that are for sale, all magic is sold by Tim Star and is located and will be shipped from Sweden.

I will find the best shipping price, I do ship al over the world. New things will be added as things are sold.

For any questions contact me by mail.

Some things have a price and some have not. On the props with no price you can make an offer and maybe I will accept it or I will not.

You can pay with Swish, PayPal or transfer to bank account.

The prices are in US Dollars and Swedish Kronor. For another currency contact me. Yes dickering is permitted.

Everything is on first come first serve basis as I mostly only have one of these effects.

Click on the pictures to enlarge.

Morgan Gravity Flipper Coin set with Expanded Shell and a Morgan Silver Dollar

This Gravity Flipper Coin is made by the late Auke van Dokkum. It is with out the best flipper coin made. All coins are made from real silver dollars.

In this set you will get:

One Morgan Gravity Flipper Coin

One Expanded Morgan Coin (will fit over the flipper coin and the Morgan dollar)

One Regular Morgan Silver Dollar

The price for all the coins are 4.250:-

Shipping is with REK 69:-

Silver Extraction

Silver Extraction from Johnson Products

No longer available.

Effect: Magician shows a half Dollar that can be examined, the coin is heated with a lighter and the magician visible pulls the silver out from the coin and the coin is now clear. Both pieces can be examined by the spectator.

Instructions is not included.

Price 300:-

Shipping REK  69:-

Silk (pure silk)  45cm X 45cm (18")

US$ 4.50 SW 45:- each Plus Shipping

Silk (pure silk)  60cm X 60cm (24")

US$ 7.50 SW 60:- each Plus Shipping

Silk (pure silk)  90cm X 90cm (36")

US$ 17.00  SW 125:- each Plus Shipping

Clairvoyant Box by Mikame Craft

Looks like a Jumbo Color Vision, put its updated to really see any article thru the box.

Any spectator puts an article inside the box & secures the lid closed.

After the usual mind reading patter, you name exactly the article inside!!

Dimension Approximately 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" x 3" (8.8cm x 8.8cm x 7.6cm)

Price 350:-

Shipping 58:-

Harries Bosco Cups made in Copper. The cup are new with a carrying bag and balls.
Cups has a lacquer finish and will not tarnish.

One cup has some spinning lines showing.

Skr 950:-  Plus Shipping

Harries Bosco Cups made in aluminium.The cup are new with a carrying bag and 5 balls as seen in the picture

Skr 500:-       Plus Shipping

The magician presents a beautiful wooden box. He removes the lid and shows that the box contains a single key or anny other object. He removes the oblect and hands it to the spectator, 
The spectator now need a deck of cards for the next trick. With a wave of his hand and a shake of the box, the magician removes the lid and reveal that a deck of cards has miraculously appeared inside of the box!

Box Dimensions (W x L x H) Approximately 3 3/4" x 4 1/2" x 2 1/2" (9.5cm x 11.5cm x 6.5cm)

Skr 375:-  Plus Shipping

See a video clip HERE

Matematiska Gåtan Harries NY!

Skr 800:-  Plus Shipping

Bägarspel Aluminium

Skr 400:-  Plus Shipping


Teddy Strik´s Magic Bar

Teddy Strik´s Magic Bar by Harries Magic

An illusion where you can produce several real drinks. Verynice condition, made to disassemble down for easy packing. This version has 2 brass rods that adds to the stability.        SÅLD

Patrick Page’s Moneybag

A small bag is shown to be empty by turning it inside out. A small dish or glass is placed inside the bag, and the mouth of the bas is held in the left hand. Four coins are now shown and are vanished one at a time, and as each one disappears it is heard to arrive in the dish inside the MONEYBAG.

This is usually sold with just the money bag and you vanish the coins your own way. But this comes with the coins and beautiful Wood Coin Stand just like Patrick suggests in the instructions.

This makes the effect just perfect.

Price 300:-

Shipping 58:-

Japan Schatull  Harries

Skr 350:-  Plus Shipping

Japan Shatull Harries

Skr 500:- $53.00 €47.00 Plus Shipping

Vanishing Bird Cage

Skr 450:-  Plus Shipping

Card Fan to Top Hat

Skr 500:-  Plus Shipping

See a video clip HERE

Mental Vision Harries  NY!

Skr 375:-  Plus Shipping

Harries Vinbodegan 2 att välja mellan

Skr 550:-  Plus Shipping

Harries Trollerihåv

Absolutly the best change bag on the market, diameter of ring 20cm.

Skr 1,150:-  Såld

Silk (pure silk) 45cm X 45cm (18")

Skr 200:-  Plus Shipping


Automatic square to Jumbo Dice

Skr 175:-  Plus Shipping

Chico the Chimp by Jam Magic

Skr 150:- 

Rice Bowls 


Metal Clatter Box

Skr 75:- Plus Shipping

The magician shows an empty frame to the spectators. Putting his hand into the frame, he then

pulls out a large aquarium. Then, he makes a second one appear!

Then a third and fourth, in total, he makes 12 aquariums appear!! 
12 Flower boxes ("aquariums") from an empty frame!! Looks amazing! 
Dimensions: 27cm x 24cm x 14cm 
Includes: Magic frame and 12 aquariums

Skr 385:- Plus Frakt

See a video clip HERE

EFFECT: A metal cylinder approximately 4½" in diameter and 2¾" in depth is shown empty. Two metal bands are used to secure tissue paper in place to form a drum. The cylinder and bands may be examined by a spectator. Or the spectator can even form the drum if you wish. The ENCHANTED DRUM is then placed on a metal base in full view. The tissue is broken and the magician reaches inside the empty drum and produces a large quantity of silk scarves.

Skr 300:- Plus Frakt

See a video clip HERE