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Here you will find all kinds of magic props that are for sale, all magic is sold by Tim Star and is located and will be shipped from Sweden.

I will find the best shipping price, I do ship al over the world. New things will be added as things are sold.

For any questions contact me by mail.

Some things have a price and some have not. On the props with no price you can make an offer and maybe I will accept it or I will not.

You can pay with Swish, PayPal or transfer to bank account.

The prices are in Swedish Kronor. For another currency contact me. Yes dickering is permitted.

Everything is on first come first serve basis as I mostly only have one of these effects.


Click on the pictures to enlarge.

Morgan Gravity Flipper Coin set with Expanded Shell and a Morgan Silver Dollar


This Gravity Flipper Coin is made by the late Auke van Dokkum. It is with out the best flipper coin made. All coins are made from real silver dollars.

In this set you will get:

One Morgan Gravity Flipper Coin

One Expanded Morgan Coin (will fit over the flipper coin and the Morgan dollar)

One Regular Morgan Silver Dollar



The price for all the coins are 4.250:-

Shipping is with REK 69:-

Silver Extraction


Silver Extraction from Johnson Products

No longer available.

Effect: Magician shows a half Dollar that can be examined, the coin is heated with a lighter and the magician visible pulls the silver out from the coin and the coin is now clear. Both pieces can be examined by the spectator.

Instructions is not included.


Price 300:-

Shipping REK 69:-


Dean Dill Collection (all new)


This Dean Dill Collection consists of 6 great effects.

All is brand new in and never used.

1 Dean Dills' Production Pad (With film Instructions)

(The pad has holders for Coin, Jumbo Coins and cards)

2 Dean Dill's Servante

3 Dean Dill's Wild Thought (Wild Card Routine including the cards)

4 Dean Dill's Coin Cascade (With gimmick and with film Instructions)

5 Dean Dill's Intimate Miracles "The Magic of Dean Dill" a book full with Dean Dill's magic. (With film Instructions)

Tonight Show Silks, Tonight Show Matrix, Tonight Show Closer, Real Magic Sponges, Bill to Sugar Packet, In Case of Emergency, Flying Thought, Pen Thru Bill, Floating Match, Coins and Napkin and bonus material.

Icons such as Dai Vernon, Larry Jennings, Michael Skinner, and John Carney to name but a few, have seen gathered around this gentleman's felt covered close up table, engrossed in the discussion, performance and study of some of magic's most precious trade secrets.

Comes with everything you see in the picture, the mesurmentsof the special close up pad is 46cm X 35cm and can not be folded so that will be the size for shipping.


Price 1,200:- Frakt 75:-

4 Walking Liberty Half Dollar (silver)


This is 4 silver half dollar's that has been reworked in such way that the edges has been restored with a posses called Knurling (Lättring). The edges are now as they were when they were new and has now a perfect grip for a magician.


Price 550:-

Shipping 58:-



Clairvoyant Box by Mikame Craft


Looks like a Jumbo Color Vision, put its updated to really see any article thru the box.

Any spectator puts an article inside the box & secures the lid closed.

After the usual mind reading patter, you name exactly the article inside!!

Dimension Approximately 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" x 3" (8.8cm x 8.8cm x 7.6cm)



Price 350:-

Shipping 58:-


Kolossal Killer Routine by Kenton & Larry Becker


This effect is the one everybody still talking about. Comes with the wallet and the stuff you need to do the trick. All brand new never used.

There is so much written about this one and many film clip’s to look at, all you need to do is search for Kolossal Killer Routine Kenton


Spectator just name's a playing card, and you

have the correct card in your wallet.

The spectator can change their mind all they want but you can still

produce a playing card from your wallet, as absolute proof

that you knew what they would select all along.

It is both a close up or stage effect, using nothing more than the

minds of the audience and your normal looking wallet.

No sleight of hand or 52 card index needed.

Kolossal Killer has become a classic routine and is used by such

pros as Larry Becker, Allan Ackerman and Jeff McBride.



Price 450:-

Shipping 58:-


Kozar Prediction Notepad


New never used comes with 2 extra refill pads and instructions.


Product Description

The magician introduces a sealed envelope, which contains a prediction (in fact, this can be mailed to the organizers of your show weeks in advance.) Three spectators are then asked to write three numbers between 100 and 999 on a notepad. The pad is then handed to a fourth spectator, who adds the numbers. When the total is announced, the envelope is opened, showing your prediction to match. Remember - the spectators handle the notepad themselves, and you never touch the envelope.



Price 300:-

Shipping 58:-


Patrick Page’s Moneybag


A small bag is shown to be empty by turning it inside out. A small dish or glass is placed inside the bag, and the mouth of the bas is held in the left hand. Four coins are now shown and are vanished one at a time, and as each one disappears it is heard to arrive in the dish inside the MONEYBAG.


This is usually sold with just the money bag and you vanish the coins your own way. But this comes with the coins and beautiful Wood Coin Stand just like Patrick suggests in the instructions.

This makes the effect just perfect.


Price 400:-

Shipping 58:-


3 Tenyo Effects


Selling 3 Tenyo Effects All for one price

Tenyo ”Frame of Destruction (T-103)

Comes with what you see in the picture and instructions, very nice condition.

This one is rare and hard to find.

Tenyo “The Midas Machine” Still in Plastic

Tenyo “Menta Marvel” This is used and missing the crayon, no instructon.



Price 375:-

Shipping REK 58:-




Selling here a set of Ken Brooke Multiplying Bottles.

A total set of 9 bottles and 2 tubes.

These bottles have been considered for a long time to be the best, everything in great Condition.

Ken Brooke Multiplying Bottles was the bottles that Lance Burton used in his show.

These bottles will last for many years to come.


Price 2 800:- Incuding Shipping


Here is a link where you can read about them.


Ken Brooke Multiplying Bottles



Card Dice (Jumbo) from Vienna Magic


This is a wonderful double effect from Vienna Magic here with in Jumbo size cards. with a wood packing case. The basic effect is as follows: you show 6 card dice on all sides and assemble them into a card shape. The card showing on both sides is all mixed up of course and you cover the whole stack with a silk. A spectator chooses a card (forced) and the silk is lifted and the card dice have transformed into their chosen card! The magician offers to perform it again but this time they choose a card and don’t look at it. The magician then reveals the card dice again and amid giggles from the audience he notices that instead of being a complete card it is a jumbled up mess. But never mind because when the spectator turns their card over it too is a jumbled up mess.

This is brand new in the box never used.


Price 575:-

Shipping in Sweden Free



Morgan Expended Shell and a regular Morgan Silver Dollar


The shell coins is made from a real morgan silver dollar.

Price 1600:-

Shipping in Sweden REK 69:-

Glass Box Headline Prediction by Devin Knight and Al Mann


There is so much to read abboute this effect so click here and read.


Info Click Here


Price 360:-

Shipping Free